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Our Kickstarter is Live! Please Help Us Make Our Astronomical Goal!!

Earthling Miguel Sanchez has been sentenced to life at Alpha Hole, a notorious space prison. His survival depends on using his charms to convince a powerful ally to protect him.

By the same creative team who brought you To Trust an Incubus!

  • A Dynamic 300,000 Word Character-Driven Dating Sim
  • 6 Super-Sexy Adults-Only Routes
  • Animated Love Scenes!
  • Threesome Options in Every Route!
  • 60+ Endings, Including Demo Endings
  • 300+ Gorgeous CGs
  • An Intricate 'All Choices Matter' Flag System
  • Partial Voice Acting Guaranteed - Full Voice Acting Stretch Goal
  • 24 Exclusive Music Tracks
  • Y Press Games Always Delivers Crowdfunding Rewards On Time!

Stretch Goals

○ $40,000 - We Get Fully Funded

○ $45,000 - Two Love Interests Get it On!

○ $50,000 - All Characters Versatile! Even Rexillator and Viz-Goth!

○ $55,000 - A Sexy Minigame!

○ $60,000 - Full Voice Acting!

○ $70,000 - Minigame Has a Different Way to Win in Each Route!

○ $75,000 - Body Hair Toggle!

○ $80,000 - After Ending Scenes!

○ $100,000 - Unlock Rin-Timber as a Love Interest! (Added Jun. 2022)

○ $150,000 - New Love Interest Route! Backers Vote on Options!  (Added Jun. 2022)

○ $200,000 - Play Alpha Hole Prison in Spanish! (Added Jun. 2022)

Our Kickstarter is Live! Please Help Us Make Our Astronomical Goal!!

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AlphaHolePrisondemo-1.0-pc.zip 418 MB
AlphaHolePrisondemo-1.0-mac.zip 401 MB
AlphaHolePrisondemo-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 399 MB

Development log


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just finished playing the demo, definetly looking for the full game! 

the characters are intresting and the music and the art are beautiful.

Android version

Wow I find all the routes really good, I'm going to look for further updates and finally the game once released

I'm not the biggest fan of sex heavy stuff personally, but I really got into the story for this one, which I didn't expect. The characters are intriguing, and I really, really liked the music.

Def gonna look out for when it comes out.


Thank you!  Our yaoi game Maelstrom will be rated PG.  That will be out next March!

hi! rly liked the demo. wanted to know if theres a date or estimate when the full game will be released?


We promise backers to deliver rewards by December 2021.  We always deliver rewards on time!

I wonder if the full game gonna available to buy or is it already ?


It's on preorder right here!  https://ypressgames.itch.io/alpha-hole-prison

a really interesting history, totally understand the little rush and the cliffhanger, i will be waiting for this one


the animations move too fast, it looks a bit silly lol but so far am interested, the characters have me curious 


I'm really excited to see how this goes! Very good job and interesting characters!

Keep up the good work! :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Such a good game! Incredible idea, beautiful art, I loved the movements. 

Vi2 Goth is my favourite character, I didn't play all the routes yet, but I wish there was one with him. 

Congragulations for your amazing work!


Thank you so much!!  To get the Viz-Goth route say no to any other character at lunch.  He's there!


AMAZING Demo. Take my money!

I concur! I only hope it doesn't get dropped for some reason. If it does, I can't tell you what my course of action will be... but I can tell you that it will be swift and just. xD


The game will not be dropped.  We always deliver on our promises.  Just look at our crowdfunding reputation.

I can't wait! I plan to join the patreon one when I can to help out because I'm seriously looking forward to playing the full game! I only wish I could jump forward through time to play it faster. The art is seriously amazing and the storyline is the best!

Thank you!!  We appreciate the kind feedback.  <3 


Interesting story, good art,  and so many hot guys. I can't wait to play the complete game. 


I can't wait for this game. I loved the demo alot! Great job!


looks really good!


I'm really excited for this game.


I loved all the guys, including the lawyer. Want to see more of them all.


Hey, i just registered cause i had no acount but i wanted to let a comment. The demo is AWESOME. the plot is soo good, the characters the art style and the sex scenes are really hot, and as a latino i really enjoyed Miguel character and his tamales jokes.!, this game has sooo much future. Thanks.

I'm so glad a fellow Latino enjoyed that.  For me it's mufongo and arroz con pollo (Puerto Rican) but I'm deep into Mexican culture here in a border town.  I can walk to Mexico from my house.


I can't wait for full pc game to be complete.  Just seeing the video trailer got me excited to play the game.  Love your games. 

So the gallery only works on the full version ?

Correct.  We don't have all the images yet.


Okay! loved the demo hands down, i wanna be a lovely wifu to my husbandos! ´:) No but really what is the deal with VI2-Goth: wanna bang , kill and then eat us? srsly dude, and here i was hoping he could be my Miguels one lover, -_- (Like lets turn that big dude into my bae ;) bcause he kinda hot and eying me all cute ´and he might not be that bad! <--- this was me at the start, to i became ---> whut is this? whut) 


wait i take it back, VI2-Goth is my husbando afterall!


It looks great 👍 tell me please, are there any plans for Android version too? 🙏


Interesting setting! The music is a little bit too crazy (in the beginning at least, I just started playing). It makes me want to dance, not read)

(1 edit) (+5)

I'm OBSESSED. Already! I agree with Rakgi, out of all the games I've learned about from you guys, this one might be the BEST. I won't make assumptions yet, but the depth of the story so far seems like it's gonna be DEEEP. I'm kinda in love with Reaver (I haven't played  with the other guys yet, but I wasn't expecting to be drawn to Reaver AT ALLLL now I love him). 

So excited for the full game ahhhh! 


Rex and Max. Yes pls. xD


Okay out of all your guy's games so far. This is the one I will be supporting on kickstarter. Love it!