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Tristan dreamed of being a wizard his entire life, but has no idea what it will cost him. He's the great grandson of the wizard who protects his village and the first one to show any affinity for magic in three generations.

After waiting fiveever for his great grandfather to take him as his apprentice it's finally happened! He's been summoned up to the tower where his great grandfather watches over the village. But it's not what he expects...

Percival has no intention of mentoring him. He's eager to leave for a smutty vacation from his village-protecting duties. Tristan needs to take over, and that means picking a mentor from three demons Percival lined up for him.

The demons will give Tristan the magic he needs to become a wizard, but for a price! ...His butt.

Fortunately these demons love humans and really want to connect with one. Tristan has a chance to fall in love with one of three demons, but which one will he chose?

Spicy Ecchi Content + A Yaoi Fantasy Story + A Dash of Comedy = My Magical Demon Lover, a 'mature players' dating sim that puts the wannabe wizard Tristan with his choice of three hot demons. 

Three sultry routes, 50,000 words, and 10 endings! Choices matter and there's a high replay value. Pick correctly for maximum love, wizarding skills, and sexy times! 

Includes an original sound track and over 50 computer graphics to illustrate every spicy scene!

Everyone thought Tristan was going to be the worlds next greatest wizard. But then he graduated from school, never got summoned to be a wizard, and became a loser. After years of shitty work in a shitty tavern his ship has finally come in! Tristan wants to be a wizard more than ever now.

Percival is Tristan's perverted great grandfather who became immortal at fifty. He's protected the village for 100 years.  He feels he's due for a vacation, and Tristan is just the guy to cover for him while he takes off to the Pleasure Realm.

Harse lost his beloved in the underworld and is incapable of loving another demon. He wants to be with a human and learn to share his love again. He'll be a kind, loving, and gentle mentor--but he's all seme (a top).

Karn is looking for a human to dominate into submission. As the most powerful demon of the underworld he can give Tristan the strongest magic--but it's going to be rough! Karn is versatile and can be either seme (top) or uke (bottom).

If Tristan isn't interested in sex with a demon he might want to pick Soren, who doesn't want sex. What he wants instead, however, is a little weird...  When he does have sex Soren is all uke.  

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Hey everyone, we have a favor to ask.  Can you please not post images or copies of the game online.  We're already having some problems with piracy and it's really bumming us out.  We worked really hard on this game for 6 months of our lives.  Please give us a chance to make a decent income from it.  Piracy really does hurt us, or we wouldn't take the time to bug you about this.  Thanks to everyone who supports us with a legal purchase!! <3 <3

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
PublisherY Press Games
AuthorY Press Games
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAnime, bl, Comedy, Dating Sim, Erotic, Fantasy, LGBT, Romance, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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MMDL art book review

My Magical Demon Lover art book - review

After owning the game for some time I was curious about the art book and decided to give it a try. (for my review of the very game see below)
The art book delivers several insights in the process of creation of MMDL and shows some early art that was discarded for the project later on. Moreover, it stresses the importance of deadlines and clear contracts. However, beyond these few early arts and very little line art there hardly is anything noteworthy in terms of art. The rest of the book consists of in-game screenshots. And: It still is pre-censored, thus some scenes simply look as awkward as in the game.
So the is little added value for the price.

Furthermore, the art book was available separately (or as an add-on) in places before, now it seems only available on Steam. :(
Thus, you even have to buy MMDL a second time if you already bought it elsewhere (e.g. on itch) because Steam is too limited to give you a PDF and thinks it only works with the game. Which is nonsense, not only in technical aspects.

Verdict: Save yourself the coins, it simply isn't worth the money. It barely adds anything, is pre-censored and you might have to license the very game twice.
If you'd simply like to support the artists, you should use different ways because Steam eats a large part of the cake.  E.g. check their crowdfunding activities.

Is there a way to buy just the cheat map? I bought the game two years ago, but it doesn't give me access to the cheat map to download. Can I buy it separately, or do I have to rebuy the game to get it? 

Hi Amber!  Contact me through the contact form for this so I can reply to you via email.  https://ypressgames.com/contact/


MMDL review (base game)

My Magical Demon Lover is a yaoi visual novel (VN) written for the Renpy system (bundled) published by Y-Press Games.

technical aspects:
MMDL uses the Renpy system, which is a good choice for VNs. Renpy offers cross-platform support and usually has a few standard hotkeys to proceed in text, skip already seen text, has a save/load system (with enough slots) and some screen options as well as sound and music support.
You can use the mouse and hotkeys to advance in the story and make choices.
Options aren't many, but the basics are covered. Moreover, you won't need really much in terms of options for this type of games.
If you're new to the matter you shouldn't expect some AAA title with 3D graphics. It's hand-drawn 2D comic style graphics and text that plays similar to an adventure game, maybe with less detail and choices; thus it is a "visual novel".
4 and a half / 5 demon horns.

game contents - sound effects:
Let's start with sound and music for this is covered quickly: There aren't many sounds, let alone even voice acting. The few sounds come as ogg-vorbis files, which is nice since this would allow possible modding. But mind you, there are really few of them.
Quality is okay.
Some more sound effects would have been nice to be used throughout the story or to underline certain events. For the horny among you: No, there is no moaning. :(
Note: The credits mention soundtrack voicing, but I haven't found any. It seems there is some stand-alone package to be purchased separately that might contain sound samples of voicing but that comes at a price and I am wary when it comes to extra pay-downloads, micro-transactions and the like. Especially if I am not sure the content is worth it.
2 / 5 demon horns.

game contents - music:
Music-wise it is little better. Technically it comes as wav files, which is a little overkill since that blows up the download in size. On the other hand the very music consists of a few short "topic" pieces that usually are played during encounters with the individual incubi/demons. The pieces are short (average 15 seconds) and thus repetitive (usually played in loops). Some of them are just slightly modified variants of others.
2 and a half / 5 demon horns.

game contents - artwork:
Artwork - probably the most important part (besides the story) in a visual novel.
Technically it follows the usual Renpy-VN-system: Draw some backgrounds for different surroundings and put in the protagonist's sprites with varying facial expressions that fit the current dialog.
The background images are fairly well drawn, though there aren't too many different locations. The endings are a little short, and you don't receive some bonus image or a kind of trophy.

The character drawings are mostly cute and handsome, which probably is the greatest strength of the game. Art-wise it is good comics or manga style graphics. You can obtain a better impression from the advertising screenshots.
The let-down:
The entire game is censored, or better pre-censored, means no real bits were ever drawn.
That leads to awkward looking scenes occasionally and is a bit frustrating. Suggestive scenes can be quite entertaining, too, but here some scenes just look silly that way.

The successor "to trust an incubus" is better in that regard, once you apply the de-censor fix. (It was drawn but then blurred out, you can obtain the original gfx and patch the goodness back into the game.)

Would have been 4 horns, but one went totally limp because of the nasty
censorship and thus it is 3 / 5 demon horns.

game contents - characters and story:
Characters and Story make it a novel at all, so let's look at them for a conclusion of this review.
First we have Tristan, our main protagonist. He's the character you guide through the story. He's quite a cute one.
Then there is his grandpa Percival, who a cunning mage and, as you find out quickly, out for erotic adventures.
Looking at the game's title and advertisements, you'd expect some demon-creatures, of course and there are three of them: Harse, who is handsome and rather kind but also passionate. Soren the tailor, who is a bit quirky and submissive. And finally Karn, who clearly shows his rough edges and is a very dominant type.

You choose one of the incubi to bond with very early in the game.
There does not seem to be any competitive build up of romances, nor is there any polygamy option. Once you decided to try with one - you're set and you have to replay from the beginning (or near-beginning with a saved game) to try the other options.

During the development of the story you will likely get closer with the chosen demon and also uncover some aspects of their past.
Of course one can't expect some awesome work of classic literature here, but it serves the purpose and makes you curious to discover more. And each one is worth to be played through. There are humorous parts every now and then which lighten up things.
Every incubus will feature similar scenes with the same backgrounds, so there is a sorcery event, a first encounter event, a bathtub event and so on for every single incubus. The scenes differ for each demon.
E.g. the bathtub scene with Harse is passionate lovemaking (with graphics  censored down to silliness the text is still uncensored), Soren the shy demon can pass without any further interaction or rely to a specific fetish of him, while Karn gives Tristan a BDSM session that ends in a good milking and leaves Tristan squirming during post orgasm stimulation.

There are several choices among each path between the dialogue. As usual, there is an option to skip already seen text if you reload an older saved game.
It remains unclear if all the choices actually influence the story, some might lead to indifferent results and thus aren't real choices. The possible story branching does not seem to go very far.
Probably you obtain approval points (not visibly) and disapproval, and this is probably checked at a few scenes within the game. (there seem to be two to four variables for each demon that are modified upon choices and checked irregularly)
Sometimes it is also uncertain what the outcome might be, you choose an answer but it's hard to guess what will happen. Sometimes the possible answers are similar, and sometimes you might end up with an unexpected result.

3.5 out of 5 demon horns.

The VN doesn't seem to feature any mini-games. Those might not be necessary for a VN, but could have been fun if done well and put in the right places.
As mentioned in graphics, when you finish the game there is hardly any trophy. And sadly, you can't play in the pleasure realm. ;-)

short conclusion:
Tech: Renpy-ware, thus it is okay and runs smooth most times. Good cross-platform support. 4.5 / 5
Input system: Simple, but works. 4.5 / 5.
Menus, options: Not much, but okay for this genre. 4.5 / 5.
Sound: Too few. 2 / 5.
Music: Very little and repetitive but it does the job. 2.5 / 5.
Artwork: cute and mostly good, but censored 3 / 5.
Story: has interesting moments for each character (+), humor (+), not much branching (-), no multi-romance (-), endings are hardly elaborated (-) 3.5 / 5.

Verdict / what to improve:
The game is fairly entertaining, the artwork itself is mostly good, but there is a lot of wasted potential.
Most pressing issues are that really stupid censorship, the short endings and the little use of sound.
While the game is rather low-priced (around ten US-dollars) it would still be good if Y-Press Games would simply update the game's contents without too much hassle. At least a de-censored version would be good and they wouldn't even have to rewrite much code, mostly it boils down to updating the png files and just overwriting the censored ones - like they had it with TTAI as an optional package.
However, this one probably is one of their early creations and it shows that there is potential and a team to be reckoned with for future releases.


yea I agree with your review mostly. I bought the sound package and that was a huge waste of money in my opinion(thus why I made my comment before yours). They only featured a few seconds of each character's voice(Main character's voice sounds a lot like a very common BL protagonist voice going around these days *aka guy from Camp Buddy*)

As for the choices, I did play around with the choices on Harse's route, and yea most of them make little to no difference, just a bunch of choices for no real reason and like you said there are only really a few real choices that will actually change the attitude of the main character, thus giving you a bad ending. However I can only say that for certainty on Harse's route.

personally I feel it was not worth the price especially that extra like 5 dollars for the voice samples. not a awful game of course, it was obviously like you said an early project, but I feel the price could have been just a bit lowered when comparing to other games on itch.io around similar price. (if anyone sees this, just don't expect the same quality as their newer works, and you won't be disappointed.)


i think you should really make it more clear that those voices are only just purely sample audio of the character's voices that are not actually in game. I can see how by not stating that it would confuse many.

Your piracy issue is something that makes me nervous too when it comes to my projects. May the force be with you.

Hi, I was wondering how to get the character voices in the game? It says it's installed but when I run it, it only opens sound files. Is it supposed to be this way? 

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago
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Thank you so much for this game! <3

But I have a question, please: the Happy Ending of Harse is a "best happy" ending that the Gentle Ending, right?

PS: Sorry for my bad english.

Bought the Steam Version, Highly Recommended!

omg...karn looks so



OMG Harse, why cant he be real??

Is there a gallery where images unlock after they're seen in game? Don't see one but not sure if I'm overlooking it. If there isn't, are there any plans to introduce one?


I'm afraid not, sorry.

No problem. Thank you for clarifying though!

Are there steam keys for the one's who purchased it on itch.io?

Wanna have it in my lib there too xD <3

No, we haven't set anything like that up, sorry.

Ahh i see! Thanks for answering anyways! :)

Im really bummed I just purchased the game and cheat map on Steam . I love the game but the dlc doesn't work . I saw another review saying the same. it shows it installed with the game but i haven't a clue how to access it. It doesn't show in-game on the interface. Please help. I will check back up on this later today

I'm sorry I didn't see this before.  This was fixed.  <3

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This game so funny I love it, XD I love Karn

Ok just got this game from Mangagamer and I really want to know what the 10th ending is. 3 endings per route, that's easy enough, but I can't figure out what the 10th is. I've tried a few things but not gotten it, can you give me a few clues?


That's really tough because I don't know what endings you've gotten and what ending you still need to get!  All the endings are pretty attainable based on how you answer the questions.  You can purchase a cheat map here if you want:  https://ypressgames.com/2018/05/13/donate-for-my-magical-demon-lover-perks/

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If you still haven't found the tenth ending, Harse has 4 endings. You can find out how to get it on Steam.

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I've only just started but oh my goodness, Percival. He is a riot. I'll come back and leave my thoughts on the whole game once I've completed it but the beginning at least has made me laugh xD

Congrats on the release (I know I'm late but I remember seeing this when it was only a demo)!

edit: soren's pet names are killing me I can't

edit: I've played though and gotten about six endings! It was a very nice little game. The demon's backstories were all interestng, and of course the love scenes were very steamy. Soren is forever my favorite. The dialogue was really great, especially Karn's insults always startled a laugh out of me. My criticisms would be a gallery/endings screen would be nice, as well as more custom UI. 

Thanks for the fun game!

❤️ Thanks for the bl games, they're very good (๑♡⌓♡๑)

You're welcome!!! <3

I will be waiting this game on steam~~! Good luck guys!

It will be on Steam tomorrow Oct 2nd!!

A nice BL game, though a bit on the short side :) I really like the art, and that the three demons have distinct differences in their nature. There's some background to all characters and the setting is good, but if you're looking for a deeply complex game with lots of plot twists, this might not be your cup of tea :)

Yet I did enjoy the game very much, especially since the happy endings weren't hard to get to ^_^ (I've only played through each demon once so far and got a happy end) Since I'm a soppy romantic I really loved Harse the best, but Karn and Soren were interesting too in their own way, and they all had their own appeal that made me want to play through their route. And like I said, the art is awesome :) So if you want some pretty distraction or to get your mind away from real life for a moment, be sure to give the game a try :)

Thank you for making the game, hope there'll be more to come in the future! ^_^


Will there be any updates to add features to this game? I’m a completionist, and it’s rather frustrating to not have some way to track which endings I’ve gotten. I’m also disappointed that there’s no CG gallery when there are such nice CGs in-game.

Hi Saku, there are 10 endings.  You're right we should have put a gallery in.  We'll keep that in mind for future.


I thought I would be getting a sexy comedy with some laughs thrown in. Or at least some kind of story. However, once you get pared with your respective demon, it's just a non-stop sexy time session from beginning to end.  I wanted to know about the hero's ambivalence about offering up his "butt" and the culture shock from both sides, but all I got was a quick background exposition at the end and a hero who was too busy swooning over the demons for any self-reflection. 

On  a positive note, while the hero was a spineless self-insert, the demons were all very specific and straightforward about their tastes. They also didn't bend their preference for the hero, which was something that I appreciated. People don't just magically change because of a couple of one-night stands. In that aspect, the game has a good message about respecting your partner's tastes.

tldr: If you just want a quick yaoi fix, buy this at a lower price. However, if you are looking for plot or well fleshed out characters, skip this. I got a feeling that I wasn't the target audience for this game lmaooo.

Wondering how long the approximate play time is for each route? 

Hi Gwacha!  If you go by 10,000 words of dialogue = 1 hour of play time, then each route is 1 to 1.5 hours long to play, but it may be longer if you try to get all the endings.  

Do you have any plans to release this on Steam with an adult patch or something? I'd love to buy it but I'm used to Steam's system so I'm wondering if it's a possible thing...

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We're waiting to hear back from Steam on this.

What app will play this game on my iPad? Please/thanks!

Sorry, it will not!

It was fun to play the game and I got 9 of the 10 endings...  Wish I could figure how to get the last one !

Great work!! 

is this an updated demo or full?  :0

This is the whole game!!


Is it meant to be tame censored? I just wasn't sure because ... the one scene there is a shadow of a 'part' on the bed but no part to be seen.

You have the uncensored version!  MMDL is an itchi heat level, not hentai.  Our hentai game is To Trust an Incubus--coming this November!

Ah okies ^~^ it's a very cute game so far, I need to figure out how to get all 10 endings. 

Also, are there bad or sad endings? I don´t like reading depressing stuff, but maybe I´m missing out if they are lighthearted

Yes!  There are bad endings and failure endings.  The failure endings are still happy, but you need to learn to work the magic better the next time you play.  The other bad endings are pretty easy to avoid.  You won't 'accidentally' get a bad ending.  You have to pick some obvious choices to make them happen.  :)

When will we be able to download it using the key?

same question here  Hello From France !!!!

Indiegogo Backers:  I just sent an update!  We are getting these keys out ASAP but can only send 100 a day.  You'll have it by Monday at the latest!!

sorry if i'm dense.. so what about NON-backers who would like to buy the game on steam right now ( and probably need an +18 patch from itch  i guess)? also, i tried to find you/ypress on steam, nothing ~

We're working on getting the game onto Steam right now!  It takes a minimum of 2 weeks, sometimes longer. 

awesome! ^__^  can't wait.. but i will XD. i prefer all my games in one client/UI. thanks for your hard work!

sometimes really longer seems... been over 2 months now - did you get a negative answer from steam or are you still waiting?

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Oh hell ye ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Edit: Bought it faster than lightspeed.