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Disgraced soldier Demetri is exiled to Secren, a dangerous world devoid of women. Earthlings are smaller and weaker than the violent men of Secren. Demetri's only hope for survival is to bond with a strong mate who can love and protect him. 

The heterosexual Italian-American refuses to do that. He's not a homophobe, but he won't have gay sex to survive--or will he? Based on the Bestselling novel series by author Yamila Abraham, and illustrated by the internationally renowned art studio Dany&Dany! 

Finally, Maelstrom fans have a new format to enjoy this extremely popular story. While mostly linear in presentation, Maelstrom includes three possible love interests for Demetri to choose from, and has a number of pivotal choices to guide the story. Multiple endings can be achieved in every route! Maelstrom is rated 'Mature Players' only. There is no explicit sex or nudity illustrated in the game, however, it is heavily implied, vividly described, and alluded to. Features -
  • A 150,000 Word Game with Numerous Endings
  • Four Love Interests
  • Up to 35 Gorgeous CGs!
  • 20 Different Music Tracks
  • Your Favorite Characters from the Novels Plus Amazing New Ones!
  • Mostly Kinetic Storytelling, with Pivotal Choices Added
  • Happily Ever After Endings for Every Route!
  • High Stakes Drama Add Authenticity to Demetri's Inevitable Seduction!
  • A Sci-Fi Game with a Wild West Motif


Play as Demetri. He disobeyed an order to try to save the lives of his squadron. They died, and he ended up court martialed. He has 20 years hard labor on Secren and thinks he can get by without becoming someone's boyfriend. It's not like he's a homophobe, he just isn't into dudes--for now. Sadly, having to bond with a man may be the least of Demetri's problems. Planet Secren is a violent and dangerous world. Things become real for him fast, and he doesn't know what he's going to do. Helix was the only love interest in the original novel series (who was named Maelstrom) and is the 'cannon' route here. Helix is the hero you need to survive this horrible planet. How long can you resist this charming mine-lord? Jader isn't evil, he's just a victim of the horrible circumstances on his planet. When he injured his leg he couldn't mine anymore and had to join a biker gang of cannibalistic criminals. He doesn't like what he's become, and takes drugs to numb his pain. He'd become clean and walk away from it all for a guy like Demetri. Zheng Li is the reason Secren is such a terrible planet. He lives in his lofty fortress above all the suffering. For him, miners are just disposable assets. He thinks it's fine for the weak ones to die. That just lets stronger miners take their place. Now that he wants Demetri he'll have to open his eyes to how horrible he let things get. 

AVAILABLE NOW!  Sawyer is a mystery wrapped in an enigma!  Unlock the Sawyer Bonus Love Interest Route after you successfully get good endings on the Helix, Jader, and Zheng Li routes!

A whole plethora of side characters support the action in this game! We want to make more yaoi games! We'd appreciate your support for Maelstrom: A Yaoi Visual Novel

The strategy guide is available for purchase here.

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Y Press Games
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date Apr 07, 2021
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
AuthorY Press Games
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Boys' Love, Dark, Dating Sim, Dystopian, Gay, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Yaoi
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksHomepage, Community, Kickstarter, Patreon, Steam, Twitter, Facebook, Newsletter Sign-up


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I love this ya little disappointed  with no NSFW but that's fine still great my Fav is Jader damn I love that man <3

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The brainbox coercing him into sex every time and call themself a single entity with the mc it is the most shitty thing... tot creepy and disprectful 


Thank you for the demo! I loved the images and sounds very much, and I also loved Mr. Brainbox! He's a total nag, bless~


Oh my! Helix is such a charmer, he made my heart jump! I'm giving you 5 stars just for this! Cheers!

So I just finished the game and in the gallery I'm missing the cg  in the first row 2nd picture does anyone know how to get it


So is there NSFW scenes?

No. The company that did the art doesn't do NSFW.

For error reports, please contact Y Press Games here:  https://ypressgames.com/contact/


I bought it on Steam and I loved it very much! I'm a huge fan of all your works, I would have finished it in one day if I didn't hold back a little lol and unexpectedly Zheng was my fave o^o I enjoyed every illustration too!

Thank you so much! I hope you'll consider posting this on a Steam review also! <3


It was cool to see a game adaption of a novel unfortunately to me the dialouge felt somewhat choppy and "forced" i guess be the words I do not know if that is because you guys were on a budget or a tight schedule but I enjoyed the choice in music and the Illustrations were beautiful. <3


This is sooooo good 😍.  I played 2 routes now and I'm in love 😆. Though I did notice that sometimes when I clicked to go forward with the dialogue, it sent me to the "more games" page. As of I clicked a link, even though I never did.

Thank you!  We're glad you like it!  We will have that bug fixed in the next build.

I love the game so far im currently on my second route and so the gallery doesn't work do I only need to do screen shots to be able to see all the cg's

We will add the gallery after we release the Sawyer route.

I'm so excited thanks an  we'll all the cgs i got be in there if I finished all 3 routes if not im ok with doing it over and thanks again for yet another great game and I can't wait for alpha  hole prison to be released


Will there be a nsfw patch? I always enjoy those in your games so it kinda threw me for a loop that it's censored.  :( 

Alas, Dany&Dany prefer not to do 18+ art work since it might cause problems at their other job.  There won't be patches for games they illustrate.


Aww, that's too bad. Well, It's still an amazing game with a great story and characters, so It's cool. Thanks for replying.  :) 

Thank you!  We're so happy you enjoyed it!


Did I just play all 3 routes within one day? ... maybe...

I have to say I like the game. The story isn't bad at all and most of the time the romantic interactions didn't seem to be forced. So Im looking forward to Sawyers route :)

I started with Zheng-Li, went to Helix and finished with Jader. Yeah he is kinda cruel but damn I've never been able to resist an sexy, longhaired asian guy, especially because you rarely have the opportunity to get someone as hot as Zheng... or an asian guy at all... anyway totally my type <3

Still, I noticed some strange things like the blush on Jaders face. I mean it's kinda funny how it starts in the middle of his face with a straight line but I don't think that this is how it's supposed to be. 

Oh and I think the skipping moad didn't work properly. At first nothing has skipped no matter which of the two options I had chosen and after a restart everything suddenly skipped in both options. 

Thank you!  We appreciate your kind words!  We'll take a look at this bug.

Agreed. Jader's blush is a little...poorly done.

Is there voice acting? Can't wait to play it btw!

(1 edit)

No voice acting, but you can turn on Text to Speech by pressing v on your keyboard (in Windows).  <3

When does it come out??


It's out now!