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All aboard the HMS Size Queen! New crewman Milo Barre has started work on his first cruise. He always dreamed of working for this illustrious cruise line, but his big brother bullied him by saying he wasn't slutty enough to make it.  

Can Milo prove him wrong and be the sluttiest cabin boy on the ship? His lifelong dream is on the line!

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Hardcore Cruising is about a sci-fi gay sex ship that cruises the seas as well as the heavens.  The crew have normal jobs you'd see on any cruise ship, but are also enthusiastic sex workers there to make the guests naughtiest dreams come true.  Join Milo on his first cruise where he proves his worth and falls in love with one or two of his shipmates.  

Featuring numerous fully animated sex scenes, polyamorous or monogamous options in every route, and loads of sex between the crew and with the guests, Hardcore Cruising will take you away on an erotic voyage you'll never forget!


He's as green as they come, and it's not from sea-sickness. Milo needs to learn the ropes fast so he can be the sluttiest cabin-boy possible! Will he have a chance for love and adventure too?

This seasoned space explorer has taken a break from his science vessel for something more fun. Maybe he can finally find a husband to explore the universe with?

This sage bartender has seen it all, and can teach Milo what he needs to know with kindness and patience.  Having tentacles for hair adds to his appeal too!

Xellect is a perfectionist chef who's as high-strung as they come.  Maybe Milo can help teach him how to relax and enjoy the voyage?  What's got this guy so nervous? 

Harse is part of a work-release program from space prison.  What crime did he commit to get life locked up?  Can Milo find a crack in this tough criminal's  exterior?

Guest Starring

Plumbottom is too busy being the ship's entertainment coordinator to be a possible love interest, but he'll be a great help to Milo all the same.

Why is the ship's doctor so creepy?  And what's this magical treatment he's doing to everyone's butts?


  • Four Sexy Routes!
  • Poly or Monogamous Romance Options!
  • Numerous Fully Animated Crew Sex Scenes and Static Guest Scenes
  • Sex with Crewmembers and Guests
  • An Original Disco Music Soundtrack!
  • Sex with Unique Humanoid and Non-Humanoid Aliens!
  • Sex Positive Gay Erotic Fun!

Press Ctrl-V to turn on the Text to Speech Option and have all game text read out loud!

Press Kit

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Y Press Games
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Jun 29, 2022
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(39 total ratings)
AuthorY Press Games
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Bara, Dating Sim, Gay, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Sci-fi, Yaoi
Average sessionA few seconds
LinksCommunity, Twitter, Homepage, Steam


Buy Now$24.99 USD or more

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Art Book 5 MB
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Free Demo for PC 169 MB
Free Demo for Mac 151 MB
Free Demo for Linux 158 MB

Development log


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Is there a way to buy the guidebook if I've already bought the game?

I can sell it to you directly.  Can you please contact me through our website:  http://ypressgames.com/

Is there no CG gallery? I can't seem to find one

Not this time.  You can unlock all CGs by getting all the endings.

wait, is it out ???





I’m so excited I e already bought it on steam along with the guide and the art book I love all your games thank you for all ur hard work 

Thank you!!

I see in the comments that you said it would be released in June are you still going to do that? 


Releases tomorrow according to their twitter.


Tonight at midnight mountain time!  :D  

Thank you

(1 edit)

Is there a confirmed release date for this one yet?

(1 edit) (+2)

June 29th!


Awesome, I'll put it in my calendar


We've updated this to the 29th, due to an animation delay.

Is this out yet?

No.  It will be out in May or June.


ohh, okay thanks

Will this have voice acting?


(2 edits)

"Release date: in 21 days", so the full game will be released at March 22?  


Thanks for reminding us to update that.


Please download direct from the web site. Don't use the Itch downloader.  What happens when you try to launch the game?  Are you Mac or Windows?


We will need to look at your log file to see what's causing the error.  This is a file that is generated in the main folder when you launch the game called 'log.'  Please contact me through our contact page so I can instruct you on how to email this to us.  https://ypressgames.com/contact/ 


can we choose the sex role?


Is there any details on when a possible release date is? I love all your games so exited to see more of your work!

No android?


So was this funded?




Well, that suck that the first kickstarter failed. I'm actually looking forward to this one. Repledged, so here's hoping.

Thank you!


I love Bruno and Harse.  I want them to 3some me.


And I want a Taurus and Harse scene. xP


I know they are just "cartoons" but I would like them in both in my bed..

Can u guys add android apk for atleast in the demo, im badly wanna try it. Plsss 😭

what if I'm not slutty enough? LOL

Oh no!!

The new demo now has the Harse art complete!


Love the demo, and love all four guys. Also looking forward to maybe some interesting guests. I love that it seems like a nice sex-positive game, to. =)

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm looking forward to backing this once it goes live on Kickstarter. I'm so excited for when the final version comes out next year!

We're live!!  :D  http://kck.st/3l63EIf


Went through the demo and I am very pleased

Looking forward to get more action with Cpt. Taurus in full game

Thank you!!


looking forward to this love your other games cant wait to support some new work :) x



What’s that?

The Kickstarter hasn’t began yet?


*sits quietly and waits to pay*

Deleted 2 years ago

Only a day or 2 (now) 😋. I also agree (love the games Y Press make)

We're live!!  http://kck.st/3l63EIf


Can't wait for this one. Captain Taurus belongs to meeeee! 👿




O heck yes if this game as awesome as the others I definitely supporting it!


Looks fun. I look forward to backing this. =)