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The world's most ancient vampire, a young and unprepared new leader of a centuries old vampire-hunting organization, thrust together by fate. Thalos knows he's found his beloved, but Dusty must never let himself grow close to a vampire.

Dusty is the next in line to lead the vampire hunting organization Jagerin, that's why he enrolled in the university owned by the world's most notorious vampire, Thalos.

He hoped to learn more about his mortal enemy. Instead he ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time and is mistaken for the man Thalos chose as his next familiar. He's put in a trance and the irrevocable blood ritual is performed.

Now Dusty is under Thalos' dark powers, and his mother has been murdered by the insidious vampire Johann. It's Dusty's turn to lead the global vampire-hunting organization, and his job to destroy Johann. He's not ready for either, and he's certainly not willing to be a vampire's familiar.

Dusty has no choice but to join forces with the vampire he's irrevocably linked to. He needs his help against a new kind of evil vampire. He just has to make sure he doesn't wind up in bed with his new master in the process.

Thalos, the immortal of immortals, has existed for eons, but he's never had a familiar who could share his dreams before. Dusty has a secret he's not letting Thalos unravel. Was their ill-fated meeting truly by chance?
Based on the bestselling Vampire Slave novel by Yamila Abraham and illustrated by Italian studio Dany&Dany.

Kinetic Visual Novels are the purest novel adaptions. There are no choices in the game. You play the most canonical route envisioned by the author. Enjoy the forbidden love story of vampire and hunter!

  • Chapter 1 of 4
  • Not Voiced, but Press V on Your Keyboard to have Dialogue Read Out Loud
  • First Chapter Free, Subsequent Chapters Paid
  • Chapters End on Riveting Cliffhangers
  • Kinetic/Linear Game Play: No Choices
  • A Modern Day BL Vampire Saga
  • Based on a Bestselling Novel
  • Art by Dany&Dany
  • No Explicit Scenes, But Very Suggestive Scenes in Ch 3 and 4

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Updated 6 minutes ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
PublisherY Press Games
Release date 87 days ago
AuthorY Press Games
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsGay, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Romance, Vampire, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksDiscord, Homepage, Kickstarter, Patreon, Twitter


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com.ypressgames.vs1-100-universal-release.apk 186 MB
com.ypressgames.vs1-100000100-arm64-v8a-release.apk 171 MB
com.ypressgames.vs1-800000100-x86_64-release.apk 172 MB
Vampire Slave Chapter 1 Windows 212 MB
Vampire Slave 1 Mac 195 MB
Vampire Slave 1 Linux 201 MB
Vampire Slave Chapter 2 32 MB
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Vampire Slave Chapter 3 44 MB
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Hi! Can you please check the Chapter 1 files. There does not appear to be an option to launch in linux once the zip file is opened. So far, great game. Love the story. Thank you!

Okay, we'll take a look.

The Linux version is up now.  Sorry about that.


Hello! Chapter 3 gives errors

Thank you.  We'll take a look.

You need to redownload the base game (Chapter 1) before installing 2 and 3.


I do everything according to the instructions.

I'm sorry.  The wrong version of Chapter 1 was up.  It's fixed now.  

My programmer just informed me that chapter 2 must be redownloaded and installed also. We've added this to the instructions.  I'm sorry for the trouble.  We've never put out a game like this on Itch.


Thank you very much! Now it works perfectly)))

I don't get what version of the android APK I need to download

After you click 'Download Now' and then go to the final screen where you can pick which file to download, scroll down to read the instructions.  These explain which version will be best for you.


Thank you




Not yet.  In Chapter 3 and 4 there will be some ecchi scenes.   


oo this looks exciting


Same fate as maelstrom


The link doesn't seem to work. I'm guessing that's what you mean? Did Kickstarter take down the campaign?

(1 edit) (+2)

Sorry about that.  It's fixed now.


Don't write nonsense.


They're all so beautiful ♡