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This is a DLC for Mister Versatile, not a stand-alone game.  You must have the most recent build of Mister Versatile installed to play this DLC. AVISO IMPORTANTE: Necesitas descargar e instalar la versión más reciente del juego Mister Versatile para que el DLC funcione. 

Brotherhunks:  A Mister Versatile Add-On DLC

Mister Versatile's wedding plans with Captain Crush are interrupted by Crush's evil, sexy, alien brother! Cuando Mister Versatile creía que lo más desafiante a la hora de afrontar su boda con el Capitán Crush iba a ser sobrevivir a la despedida de soltero que les tiene preparado Lascivion, aparece un invitado inesperado: Smash, el malvado e irresistible hermano pequeño del capi.

Picking up right after the perfect ending for Captain Crush in Mister Versatile, we join Mister Versatile and Captain Crush as they're making wedding plans--including a lascivious bachelor party put on by their old frenemy Lascivion!  Smash y Crush tienen asuntos pendientes pero esta vez el destino de la Tierra depende que que los resuelvan. ¿Será capaz de Mister Versatile de conseguir que los dos hermanos buenorros hagan las paces o recurrirá a su carisma seductor para convencer a Smash de que no destruya la Tierra?

One guest who was not invited was Smash, Captain Crush's potentially evil younger brother. Smash and Crush have butted heads in the past, but now the fate of planet Earth hangs in the balance! Can Mister Versatile sort things out for these brother hunks and have the happily ever after with Crush he's always wanted? It may take a little sexy convincing for Versatile to change Smash's mind about destroying the planet!

Features Novedades:

  • New Character Smash!  Nuevo personaje: Smash
  • 20 Brand New CGs! 20 Nuevos Cgs
  • 8 Different Endings! 8 Finales Diferentes
  • Pick Whether you Top or Bottom! Posibilidad de ser activo o pasivo
  • Free Strategy Guide! Guía de estrategia gratis (solo en inglés)
  • New Backgrounds! Nuevos escenarios
  • New Character Skins! Nuevos aspectos para los personajes
  • New Sexy Minigame! Nuevo minijuego
  • New Animated Sequences! Nuevas escenas animadas

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS:  You must download the most recent version of Mister Versatile for the DLC to work.  Then download the .rpa file with the DLC.  Open the Mister Versatile folder.  Drag the .rpa file into your game folder and you will be able to play the DLC.  Just click the banner on the menu screen!

For MAC:  Unhide your folders in order to find the game folder!  Follow the instructions above.

If you are purchasing Mister Versatile for the first time, you can buy the Brotherhunks DLC with it now by paying $41.97 (you'll get Versivion also).  Go here.

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Y Press Games
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreVisual Novel
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Buy Now$10.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Brotherhunks DLC - READ INSTRUCTIONS! 546 MB
Free Brotherhunks Strategy Guide 71 kB


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How does it work with the two DLC's exactly? It doesn't work for me.

Please follow the instructions carefully.

I have drag the .rpa file into game folder but the new DLC not working. No Brotherhunks banner in game menu only Versivion banner. Please help or can I get refund for this?

Did you redownload the base game first?

No. My version is 1.17.8

Go download Mister Versatile again.  That is not the most recent update.  We have to edit the base game to make new DLCs work with it.


Thanks! Version 1.18.2 works.

(1 edit) (+1)

I am also stuck. There is references to downloading .rpa file but I keep getting an error: " No manager for installer unknown" trying to download.

Update: So the trick here is not to use the itch.io app. Log out of the app, then log in to your account from a browser. Download again. I was able to get the .rpa file this time.

Hello, this happens when you use Itch's download software.  Please download the files directly.  Do not use the app or butler.


Thank you, I just figured that out. All good now.

(1 edit)

how can I download it? if when I click download it, it won't do it and there is not folder that I can open or show when I try to download. Everything is automatic and it is showing errors.

P.S is there anyone I can get a refund. I bought the artbook without the meaning to buy the artbook but the actual DLC

Hello, this happens when you use Itch's download software.  Please download the files directly.  Do not use the app or butler.

Please contact Itch if you need a refund.  https://itch.io/docs/legal/terms#refunds

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NVM, I figured it out