Hey Everyone!

Did you support us during our crowdfunding campaign on Itch?  If so, your email with your reward information has been sent!!!

Please check spam, bulk, promo, etc. folders to make sure you get your reward email! They have been known to go to spam!

If you're seeing this message later, search for yaoimila in your emails, and hunt for emails sent 5/19/2021.

This is not the same as preordering the game.  We're talking about our crowdfunding campaign which had various rewards you could support for different amounts.

Alpha Hole Prison will release in around 7 hours!!  Thanks so much for your support.  We hope you love this game!!


AHPArtBook.pdf 14 MB
May 19, 2021 217 MB
May 19, 2021
Alpha Hole Prison Strategy Guide.pdf 301 kB
May 19, 2021

Get Alpha Hole Prison - Adults Only 18+ BL, Yaoi, Gay, Bara Visual Novel / Dating Sim

Buy Now$29.00 USD or more


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I don't seem to have anything in my e-mail for this game from yesterday. Do I get a steam code or is it just on itch? I've never done a crowdfunding on itch before so not sure how it works.

You should have gotten an Itch code.  If you preordered I believe Itch unlocks the game for you automatically (I could be wrong).  If you can't find what you need please contact us through our contact page with your Itch information:

I recieved an email with an link and it directed me to sign into my account/sign up if i didn't have one. From there, it said that I had to "link" the game to my account. Hopefully that help.

Thanks for your help! I do have the itch game. I just wasn't sure if I would also get a Steam key. I guess that wasn't part of the deal, which is totally fine. I'll just play it on itch.