Hello Awesome Players!  This is some huge news you do not want to miss!  We have just released our first DLC bonus content for Alpha Hole Prison.  You play as Rin-Timber and learn all about what was going on in his head!  

This DLC has been released today at no extra charge!  If you paid for Alpha Hole Prison you're able to download the patch for this content.  Come to the Itch page and download RinTimberPrespective.rpa.

Open your Alpha Hole Prison folder.  You want to drag this .rpa file into the 'Game' folder.  That's all you have to do!

Now you can go to the main menu and select 'Bonus Content' to play this bonus DLC.  We hope you enjoy it!

We plan to put out other additional content, both paid and free.  Be sure to keep an eye out for it!

While you're here, consider downloading the latest version of the base Alpha Hole Prison game also.  Scenes have been added, and continue to be added even now.  We're on version 1.31 (up from 1.29, which was the last version available here).

Files 1 GB
Jul 07, 2021 1 GB
Jul 07, 2021
RinTimberPerspective.rpa 276 kB
Jul 07, 2021

Get Alpha Hole Prison - Adults Only 18+ BL, Yaoi, Gay, Bara Visual Novel / Dating Sim

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I am so confused about the DLC.  I already bought the game from this site and tried redownloading, but whenever I try to open the bonus content and click Rin Timbers it just takes me to the startup page for "To Date A Incubus" 

You have to download the Rin DLC and follow the instructions to install it.

Ah.. I dragged it into the wrong folder probably, thanks so much. Looking forward to reading it. 

I was gifted this game on Steam and I absolutely love it. Unfortunately, it is blocked in my country due to Steam's age verification system not meeting the requirements of German law (it is NOT illegal, they just don't want to risk minors getting their hands on adult games, so their solution was to block these games for adult players as well, I am sure you heard about it). I can play it just fine, but I cannot access the store page (which is why I had it gifted to me, I did pay for the game, I just asked a friend from abroad to buy it for me). So, I am unable to go to the  Steam store and download the DLC and I was hoping that I could get it from here? I already have the main game, I'd just like to get the DLC as well, but on it doesn't seem to be available separately. Is there any way to get just the DLC? I'd be very sad to miss out on Rin-Timber's perspective. :(

Hi Boglinqueen,

Download this patch: Now, browse the local files of Alpha Hole Prison by right clicking the game name in your Steam Client. Then click 'Properties' then 'Local Files' then Browse Local Files'. Drag this patch into the Game folder. This will give you the DLC!

It worked! Thank you so, so, so much. You are the best. <3 I might need to reach out to you again about the other DLCs once they get released.

I'm confused, I'm on Mac and when I downloaded the game, all that showed up was the program to run it, no "Game" folder. Do I need to do something different?

We're looking into this


Open the .app by right-clicking and selecting 'Show Package Contents'.  Go into the Contents/Resources/autorun folder and you'll find the 'Game' folder.  Now drag RinTimberPerpective.rpa into this folder. 

Now when you chose 'Bonus Content' from the main menu, you will be able to play Rin-Timber's version of Alpha Hole Prison.

We've updated the download instructions with this information.

Thank you so much!

Will Miguel be able to date rin, or is this just a pov dlc?


When will this be available on Steam?


ASAP.  We're just waiting for approval from Steam.

Ty both. FruityTrey for asking what I was going to ask, Y Press for answering why I couldn't find the DLC on steam lol 

It's live now:


Downloaded it. Need to "unlock it" (find the path that won't spoil the story) but I will find it in the end. Ty for the update

It's live now: