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Hi! Any update on the beta access yet? Or looking more like it will be out by Nov, or Dec? Anyways, love the game so far! I finally started playing the demo and the story is really great!

It will be December.

Will the demo ever be updated? Or it will be left as it is?

yes demo get one update, with voices fixes now, are fully voiced


I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised since I'm normally not playing /reading stories with vibes like this one. I am very curious for the story I must say, the mysteries in this prison and its really intrigued me with the characters. Tbh I'm even more curious for the story then the romance, since I'm still kinda wondering how the whole vibe of romance will be in a prison game like this, where its not really romance at first but more "business". So i'm curious to see how you'll manage it. Romance wise I'll definitely play rex and reavor, and probably vera too, but character wise I think everyone is interesting! Viz is definitely not an option for me and I'm kinda scared of xeno too but at the same time i think his character is intriguing.


my theories so far: rin timber maybe has some kind of split personality or maybe he's even fully aware of this side of him which is pretty horny and as far as i got it, everyone knows about it. He's far stronger and more dangerous than he let on, because if someone like viz is calling him a monster and didn't kill him yet, then there's a reason. I also feel like rin is maybe behind those half eaten bodies for various reasons. also His sentence is even higher than the one of a psycho cannibal so there has to be something with him and i'm curious to see what it is. Same with xeno. He's dangerous and lol i always was scared that if he was touched with the finger he'll just bite through the finger . I'm looking forward to see what powers he has. I'm thinking about maybe some psychic manipulation etc. powers. he's sucking life energy through seducing and manipulating his victims by beeing directly connected skin to skin. I'm also intrigued to know who kai is and what happened with him. what vera's deal is with this prison. He also kinda comes off as really possessive in a sense. Or who the other earthling is? Maybe he also plays a role? If i'm not completely off, cause first i thought maximus and vera were humans but that's not the case? so who is the other earthling besides miguel? Lastly reavar's curse I'm very interested in, because he obviously hates viz but still does everything he's ordered to do. And i want to break it because when i saw first that the two were a team i was a bit disappointed in reavar cause viz is my personal enemy in this game :D (even though i'm getting very suspicious of rin and his possible plans too) but now that i know that he despises him as well , i can romance him.

thanks for coming to my ted talk!  you have done an incredible job (like you always do) and I'm excited for the full game!

I really do want to support the game. Especially since I loved To Trust an Incubus so much. However unfortunately I don't have the funds for it right now, and likely won't til like October, at the earliest, otherwise I'd be pre-ordering it right now. 

I'll continue to spread the word about it though.


You can support our Kickstarter in October!  ;)

Hi so just a quick question:

was the August release on steam (or later when ur able to get it released) is that the Beta test version? Not the whole game right, that comes out next year *2021* I believe? And if so, what does that entail, like 1 or 2 routes entirely finished? I'd like to know only because I totally haven't played the demo yet (altho I'm starting to get really tempted into playing it all soon, because your game looks really amazing just like all of your past games🤣. Despite  that I want to save it for a longer play through when a rout is actually complete😅).

We have to give a date to Steam to put up the listing.  That's usually not the final date of the game.  We promise to have the completed game in backers hands by Dec 2021.  It will likely be sooner, but we always have a buffer to make sure we never deliver rewards late. 

As of this time the beta keys should go out in late October.  We are still programming the Maximus route (the minigame is giving us some trouble).  If not by then, then before the end of 2020 as promised.  You will get one route at a time.

The full script for the game is complete and we have the artwork done for the Maximus and Rexillator routes.  We're working on art for the Reaver route right now.

Thx so much for the reply! And that def clears things up, and no worries, I love your games regardless and am glad that you guys look at the bigger picture and always give honest timelines. take all the time you guys need, I know you guys always deliver! Also, playing the beta access will still be awesome even one route at a time! Stay safe and healthy!

So on steam it says the game will be out on August 31st 2020. Is it true? Even if not a complete version. Honestly I'm just excited to try it out then 

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We're trying to hit that date, but we can't promise backers that we will.  We won't risk delivering to backers late.  The date can always be changed on Steam, but once we fail backers we can never take that back.

That's very commendable. I do hope you can deliver as I've been itching to try since the demo, but don't overstress yourselves over the date. I'm sure people would be understanding. 


Dude this DEMO is better then i expected. I love every character in the game. Such a good work! Keep it up ! :)

Thanks so much!

I loved the demo for this and I made sure to get the beta game tier because I can't wait for the full one. I deadass had a DREAM about Xenoskar after finishing the demo. I'm so interested in finding out what he wants and why, it's such a cool mystery setup. Dying to see where this goes.

Wow!  Thanks so much for pointing this out!  That was the effect we were going for!


The demo was amazing! I loved most of the demo, almost every guy interests me, plus the storyline and mystery going on is really intriguing.  However, I wasn't super happy with one specific part of the demo, Xenoskar. The main characters responses to Xenoskar are kinda mean and you don't get a choice in how you talk to him. Even if you say you are interested in him in the beginning, the main character still say he creeps you out both times you talk to him and you can't choose otherwise. I'm sure there is a reason why we can't touch him yet, it just sucked that I couldn't decide to have nicer responses to him. 

I'm also confused as to how Xenoskar is a love interest. I know its a demo but, SPOILERS just in case: 

You have the moment at lunch where he gets both of you off under the table, but then you get attacked afterwards by Viz-Goth. He either kills you for 'not picking someone' [even though to me I was picking Xenoskar], or you have to have sex with him, pretending you are turned on by him wanting to kill you, saying you are going to spy and help him kill Rexillator. Maybe later you get more chances with Xenoskar and he protects you from Viz, I don't know it just kinda felt like you didn't really get to pick him.

Overall the demo was amazing, that was just something that bothered me. Regardless, I will definitely be supporting and can't wait for the full game =]

Crap.  The part where he gets killed by Viz-Goth was an error.  I thought we fixed that. 

We are going to rework the demo before we think about voice acting. thanks for the feedback.  We may have pushed Miguel to act too negatively towards Xenoskar.

Yeah, for me it was when I picked the option to try to break free instead of talking to him, it gave me that ending. 

You're welcome. As I said, overall I still loved the demo, supported it, and cant wait for it to come out! I would love to be able to act more nicely toward Xenoskar in the beginning, but if there is a reason for it I completely understand it not being changed.

Thank you for responding to my comment and I love your games 😊

We have the wrong version of the demo up.  Working on a fix!

Ohkay, thank you.

So if I get it right, everyone is romanceable except Rin-Timber and Harsen?


Yep!  There's 6 love interests.  But Rin-Timber may become a love interest if we hit the stretch goal.

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Will verataz be one of the romanceable route? he is the only one i am interested in.



Im so excited for this piece! I preorders two copies because I didn't see the rest on mobile, but I don't care. It is going to the right place. Good luck!


I played the demo and I love it !!! I had to preorder it right away! I wasn't surprised since I've supported every Kickstarter you do for a BL visual novel for the stories are so well written !!!

Before I give money I need a clarification. On the Kickstarter it previously said December 2020 release then in the comments you say March 2021. Now here all the way up until December 2021. What is the actual target release date?


As you know we never deliver a crowdfunding reward late.  We don't finalize the release date until we pull the trigger and actually start collecting money from people.  At that time we assess what date we could not possibly miss without rushing the ending of the game. 

When we started making the game back in August of 2019 a December 2020 release date looked easy.  We had our great studio from Italy putting out beautiful art on a consistent basis. 

When Corona hit Italy, our artist lost family members and went into shell shock.  They stopped all work for two months.  

We always have a 3 month buffer for possible events just like this, but with this disease we worry that we could have multiple events that delay the production schedule. 

We're not taking any chances with the trust of our backers.  We've chosen a date very far out from our internal schedule 'just in case'.  It's the responsible thing to do.  It ensures we never lie to backers or fail to keep our promises. 


Sounds very reasonable. Thank you for the answer :)


Unlike Mister Versatile (happy it's getting made with extra) THIS I'm going to have to wait and save for. I enjoyed the Demo but will take the money now, KS (Kickstarter) will take it after it's funded. 

Kind of want to get in before it's KSed to say I was on the ground floor but if I don't in time I know I can still help (buy going to KS)


The voice acter of Rin- timber  is it the same voice actor that did Keitaro Nagame from camp buddy i believe it is.

And Kenta in To Trust an Incubus!  

oh ya your right i cant wait to play this game ill help out as soon as i gey my paycheck plus ive played to trust an Incubus and i loved it so keep up the good work and looking forward to more games from you.

Thank you so much!


Your very welcome

I love Keitaro!

Same here i hope they make a second game if not im still happy

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