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I buy game on steam. I just want to say: thank you for the few hours I spent playing. It was great fun!

P.S. Sorry for my poor english :) 

Hello! I am having issues since Chapter 4 came out. I  followed the instructions but now Chapters 2-3-4 just don't want to re-install.  Here's a picture of the error message I am getting.

I'm sorry to hear this.  Let me ask the programmer.

The DLCs do not work when downloaded through the Itch installer.  Please download direct from the Vampire Slave web site.

I think it worked! Thank you very much!


Hi! Can you please check the Chapter 1 files. There does not appear to be an option to launch in linux once the zip file is opened. So far, great game. Love the story. Thank you!

Okay, we'll take a look.

The Linux version is up now.  Sorry about that.


Hello! Chapter 3 gives errors

Thank you.  We'll take a look.

You need to redownload the base game (Chapter 1) before installing 2 and 3.


I do everything according to the instructions.

I'm sorry.  The wrong version of Chapter 1 was up.  It's fixed now.  

My programmer just informed me that chapter 2 must be redownloaded and installed also. We've added this to the instructions.  I'm sorry for the trouble.  We've never put out a game like this on Itch.


Thank you very much! Now it works perfectly)))

I don't get what version of the android APK I need to download

After you click 'Download Now' and then go to the final screen where you can pick which file to download, scroll down to read the instructions.  These explain which version will be best for you.


Thank you




Not yet.  In Chapter 3 and 4 there will be some ecchi scenes.   


oo this looks exciting


Same fate as maelstrom


The link doesn't seem to work. I'm guessing that's what you mean? Did Kickstarter take down the campaign?

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Sorry about that.  It's fixed now.


Don't write nonsense.


They're all so beautiful ♡