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Is this game going to be on itch as well or just steam


I love how Rusty resembles Harsi! I'd back this if I had enough money.. the perks of being a student

Nuzzler is precious chef pupper that must be protected. I love the voice Steve Warky Nunez brought to this character, I definitely wasn't expecting that kind of voice from them, makes Nuzzler even more adorable <3
Also, I wish I could find someone like Butch IRL, true relationship goals.
the rest of the cast is excellent too but those two are my favs.

Originally I was just for bara husbandos but stayed for the personalities and surprisingly the farming aspects too. That's usually not my thing but I like how its done in this game. Such a wonderful demo :D


An android version please 


I.... Just was not expecting this at all, it was sudden.

happy pride month.


well there be android version?


I'm a writer for GameLuster and we covered this game for our latest episode of Indie Power Hour! 


Really enjoyed the demo! The voice acting is very impressive; it does a lot of work both giving depth to the characters and carrying the tongue-in-cheek tone. One thing I found frustrating, though, was the lack of either visual or textual information for planted fields, so you have to mentally keep track of what you planted where and how many days it has left. Will that be adjusted in the final version?


I really like this setup. I found myself really trying to figure out the management aspect and was much more deeply invested than I expected for a demo. Good job.

Yay!  Thank you!

same here

I had me at Jace and Rusty. xD


I would like to ask a question, is the full game going to be a you have to pay game? I was just wondering.


Yes!  We need to sell our games to pay our workers and stay in business!  This isn't a hobby.  We really need people's support.

when can i start giving you all my money?

There is a link to Kickstarter. Give them all your money!)

WELP I know what I'm doing as soon as I get a bank account and a steady job

You guys are the best!!