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omg, the comedy is amazing, I love everything about this 

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Hi does this have a voice patch???

cuz i already bought the game that comes with the soundtrack, art book and all and i saw that i received an audio titled where it's the charas' voices but when i played the game there weren't any voices

Is the full game out now? Or is it still only the demo that has been released?

The full game is here:

So i love the demo, I am definitely getting this game. I like the different blend of personalities and how they mix and mesh with each other. the art is great, the story is witty and funny. I loved the demo and i HAVE to get the full game. Great job!


really loved the demo! beautiful art, and the charas are endearing. it's also hilarious, and very sexy - i laughed so hard at the wizard's fantasy and his face (i just can't call him.. gramps! he's too hawt!). totally looking impatiently forward to buy the game.

now, i saw the IGG.. it mentions a digital game with steam key for those who back for 10$ - does that mean the game will also be available simply on steam to buy without going through IGG (= pay for game as usual on steam instead of backing on IGG)? i don't exactly love to leave cc trails everywhere..

this was pretty hot for a demo

Is the game going to have a digital release or is it only hard copy. 


Omg i am in the right place


Thanks, awesome person!  :D