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Why is this game not available yet, its past its release date march 2, 2020. When is it going to be available is what I want to know right now 

March 6 or 7, according to their kickstarter. :) 


Is there an option to rename the mc?


This looks great and I really like the concept, but it doesn't work on Mac? There are only a Windows and an Android version here? (sorry it might just be that I can't find the right one)

I downloaded the mac demo from steam since I had the same issue


I like the concept, the art was really good... but the writing wasn't as good. It felt rushed, unfinished, more like a quick draft and less like an actual start to a story. I really do think this game has lots of potential, it just needs some work regarding the writing- I would suggest adding more sections of "storytelling" and also work more on the pacing of the plot; Personally I think you need to lay out the lore and the base of the story a bit more before you jump into the action. As I said, this game has potential- with some work, I think it'll be great! Good luck.

Played it. Enjoyed it. Will buy it once it is fully finished. The art is just amazing and I love how the story was progressing. I really hope you meet your goal, it is a fantastic game so far in my opinion!

this looks good, is there any way this might be available for macs??

You can play it on Mac on everything except the Catalina OS.


ahahahaha x'D

Deleted 103 days ago

There is no incest in the game.  I think that's what you mean?  

boy love


It just brother love, you just too sensitive...


Looks good)
Pity, that it's only PG-13.

Is there a demo yet??


Should be out this Thursday!  (But if you join the Discord you can get the early demo in the Gods of Love chat )

It's up!

omgggg super excited for this